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Our company being awarded "Wuhan Top TenHarmonious Enterprise"

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        Learned from the Wu Zheng [2016] document No. 155, the success of our company was awarded "Wuhan Top TenHarmonious Enterprise" , and also made a speech about promoting harmonious enterprise as a representative of the enterprise within Wuhan.

        Harmonious enterprise selection aims to establish a harmonious enterprise model, promote labor and employment more standardized, reasonable growth in wages, labor conditions continue to improve, the safety and health of workers to be effectively protected. At the meeting, Mr. Xiao Guilin, deputy general manager of the company, summed up the achievements made by the company and the staff, the environment and the harmonious development of the society. Suggested that Future the company will continue to strengthen the building of a harmonious enterprise, the company will build a harmonious labor relations, corporate and environmental harmony, harmony between enterprises and society, the trinity of harmonious enterprise. will become achievable.

        This award shows that the community and government have full affirmed to our company in some aspects such as the environmental protection and social responsibility, they also hope that we could play a model role in the process of harmonious enterprise development, bring the harmonious development to a new stage.