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Wang Min being selected as “the National Science and Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Talent"

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        Recently, National Ministry of science and technology recently released the list of innovative talents in 2015. Wang Min, the general manager of Hangzhou Chipjet Technology Co., Ltd. Which is a wholly owned subsidiary of our company was named “the National Science and Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Talent".

        Innovative talent promotion program is jointly organized by the Ministry of science and technology, human resources and social security, finance, education, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of engineering, National Natural Science Foundation of China. In order to foster a batch of world-class scientists, and train a high level of leading scientists , engineers, outstanding innovation team and entrepreneurial talent, to create a demonstration base to cultivate a group of innovative talents, strengthen the construction of high-level creative talent team, to lead and promote the development of all kinds of technical personnel, in order to improve the capability of independent innovation, and provide personnel support the construction of an innovative country.

        Mr. Wang Min was selected into the Ministry of science and technology innovation talent promotion plan, on behalf of the national science and technology authority as well as the community for him and the company's highly recognized. At the same time, Mr. Wang Min solemnly stated:

        We will keep pushing forward Innovative talents promotion project so that the company has become a first-class chip solutions and trusted partners, for promoting the development of the chip industry to make greater contributions.